7 Dumb Messages Black Women Get On Black Dating Sites

7 Dumb Messages Black Women Get On Black Dating Sites

black-dating When it comes to black dating sites, you inevitably are going to get some guys who are looking to hook up with a black women for the first time. While there is nothing wrong with this, you just need to make sure you don’t shot yourself in the foot right from the start. Here is a list of messages to avoid as they are the dumb messages that every black girl gets and will not reply to.

1. “Wow! You’re really cute for a black girl”

If your messages include the phrase “for a black girl” you have already made a huge error and you should start again. What this messages says to her is that you don’t expect black women to be as beautiful or that’s its surprising when they are. Just tell her she’s gorgeous without referencing her race.

2. “I’ve always wanted to be with a black women”

This statement may be true, but you don’t need to say it. This will give her the impression that you only want her since you view it as a fetish instead of just a regular hook up. Just say something nice about her and avoid a general statement that insinuates you only want to hook up with her so you can say you’ve been with a black woman.

3. “So I guess its true that they say about black girls and [insert dumb stereotype here]

You really don’t want to start with something offensive from the get go since you will never get a reply. Obviously you don’t want to say anything offensive at all since that is the best way to end any conversation you are having with a black women.

4. [Inset something super racist and offensive]

Since the Internet is built on anonymity there is always going to be some asshole who takes out his daily frustrations by saying bigoted and racist things online. Just don’t be that guy. They also will make you look great when you say something sweet and charming, or something provocative and suggestive, that’s up to you.

5. “I don’t think about race.

I see everyone as the same” Even if that statement is true, it doesn’t need to be said. Its most likely not true and if it is you probably haven’t had to deal with racism in your own life. If you start by referencing race, even if its an attempt to sound not racist, you will sound racist. 6. “You’re really beautiful! Are you from Africa or an island?” If you don’t understand that African Americans have been living in the United States for generations and are not necessarily recent immigrants, than you are hopeless.

7. “Is that your real hair?”

While it’s very common for black women to wear a weave, don’t ask about it! Would you ask a white woman if that is her natural hair color? If you would, then you are again hopeless. So just make sure not to make the same mistakes by sending these dumb messages. Just say something complimentary and charming if you want something casual, or you can get right to the point and say something provocative and suggestive. Just don’t mention race, it’s going to be offensive no matter what you say. You can avoid some other mistakes with some advice from a black women asked by a caucasian male looking to find black women.