AdultHookup Review

AdultHookup Review Review

After using for a few months, we are confident in ranking it as one of the best sites for interracial dating. If you’re looking for interracial dating, is the site for you! Keep reading to see why we feel this way and what we found out on this site.

AdultHookup is a great site for interracial dating - Check it out!

AdultHookup is a great site for interracial dating – Check it out! is one of the sleeper hits of our best interracial dating sites list. No one is surprised to find sites like or, but when you see sites like AdultHookup and SexSearch you may be quick to dismiss them because they are “not interracial dating sites”. While, yes, it’s true that Adult Hookup is not specifically an interracial dating site, it does not mean that you cannot find some of the best interracial dating on this site. In fact, we found that AdultHookup being a more well-rounded adult dating site took the pressure off those looking for interracial dating and allowed us to find interracial dates more organically.

Sometimes with specifically niche dating sites for interracial dating, you’ll come across a limited number of people and can find that they are hyper-occupied with dating a specific race. They are so focused on finding a specific race that they don’t pay attention to other match factors. This kind of interracial dating style can lead to bad matches, bad dates, and bad hookups. On AdultHookups, you will find thousands of members that are perfectly matched to you! From there, all you have to do is message the members that fit the race or ethnicity specifications that you are looking for.

With a site like AdultHookup, you find a vast array of interracial singles, all looking to meet other singles, have fun, and get laid! They may not put as much importance on race or ethnicity as you do, but they are all looking for the same thing: sex. How Does It Work?

AdultHookup - #1 in Interracial Dating

AdultHookup works much like your average adult dating site. First things first: Joining the site. AdultHookup’s sign up is one of the most quick and painless we’ve experienced! It’s 100% FREE to join and all you need is an email address and a username! Once on the site you can browse their member database and connect with members you are interested in. Depending on the membership level you choose (we will discuss this later), you can either send invitations to hookup, emails, instant messages, or even video chats! A few quick messages are all you need to make plans to meet up for a local interracial date or hookup!

On a site with millions of members worldwide, it’s almost impossible not to find a hookup you’ll be interested in! But, to guarantee even more success, check out our “Succcessful Tactics” section of this review. Successful Tactics guarantees a hookup, so you never have to worry about coming up short. However, if you’d like to have more interracial hookups, faster, easier, and with exactly who you want, then you’ll want to make sure you’re on your A game. That’s where we can help:

  1. Be Open-Minded. On a site like AdultHookup, you are going to receive messages from all kinds of people who may or may not be of the race or ethnicity you are interested in. Try to be open-minded! Of course, you’re looking for a specific kind of hookup, but if someone of the same race live in your neighborhood and wants to have sex 20 minutes from now… why not?!
  2. Fill Out Your Profile Completely. Make sure have fully and completely filled out your member profile with honesty. AdultHookup has a great matching algorithm, but it needs to have information to work with. Plus, if you write in your profile that you are interested in specific races, you will get more responses from members of that race!
  3. Send Lots Of Messages. As we’ve said many times before, online dating is a numbers game. The more messages you send to members, the better chances you have of setting up a successful interracial hookup!

We had one GOLD membership account set up on that one of our team used to test the site. He used the instructions above and here were his results from the first month on the site:

  • Initial Messages Sent: 85 (approx. 2-3 messages per day)
  • Responses Received: 80 (94% of messages received replies)
  • Initial Messages Received: 52 (approx. 1-2 message per day)
  • Initial Messages Received From Desired Race: 25 (approx. half of all the initial messages received)
  • Meetings Arranged: 20
  • Successful Hookups: 19

As you can see, AdultHookup has great numbers that indicate guaranteed hookup success. We were FLOORED to see how many unsolicited messages were received from other AdultHookup members (52!!) and delightfully surprised that so many were from the desired race (preference for Asian women was specified in his profile). All of that came with no work at all on our part (well, except for filling out the profile). When we put in effort ourselves, we saw a return of 94%! This proves that AdultHookups’ members are REAL, active, and eager! In the end, there were 19 successful hookups, most of them interracial, but a few same-race hookups as well. It should also be noted that many of the messages led to quite impressive webcam shows and sexy video chats as well. Features

Adult Hookup features three levels of membership, all with different pricing (as discussed in the next section of this AdultHookup review) and features available. Here are the features that are available to the FREE membership, the SILVER membership, and the GOLD membership:


  • can access Adult Hookups’ millions of interracial dating profiles
  • can create a full profile and upload photos and videos
  • can perform basic searches of Adult Hookup member profiles
  • can send invitations to Adult Hookup members to hookup now


  • all features available to the FREE membership are available to the SILVER membership
  • can connect with all Adult Hookup members—emailing, instant messaging, video chat, and more!
  • can perform advanced searches of Adult Hookup members—filter your searches by age range, gender, ethnicity, body type, height, weight, eye color, hair color, location, and more!
  • can send friend requests to Adult Hookup members
  • get listed above basic members in searches performed by other Adult Hookup members


  • all features available to the FREE membership and SILVER membership are available to the GOLD membership
  • can view all Adult Hookup members’ photos and videos
  • get listed above free members and silver members in searches performed by other Adult Hookup members
  • get FULL ACCESS to the “The Gold Room—contains one of the largest collection of erotic photos, streaming movies, downloadable videos, and live webcam shows, including a large Interracial category.

The difference between the SILVER membership and the GOLD membership is not much, unless you’re also interested in erotic and pornographic material. With a GOLD membership, you gain full access to “The Gold Room” which is essentially AdultHookup‘s own curated porn site! Their FAQ states that they spend over $20,000 every month on just “The Gold Room“, ensuring that there is always tons of new content. If you are already a frequent viewer of pornography (let’s face it… we all are), then the GOLD membership is really an incredible deal, as it’s basically giving you two memberships for the price of one! Pricing

It is 100% FREE to join If you choose to upgrade to a SILVER or GOLD membership, here are the prices you are looking at:


  • 1 month membership: $29.95/month
  • 3 month membership: $19.98/month
  • 1 month membership: $34.95/month
  • 3 month membership: $23.32/month
  • 12 month membership: $12.50/month

Signing up for free is a good way to get a feel for AdultHookup without spending money right away. However, many of the features of the site are not accessible unless you have a SILVER or GOLD membership. The 12 month GOLD membership is the one we went for—best value and offers you the most access to the site and its features! We had tremendous on this membership level! Conclusion is one of the best adult dating sites online today, and it makes for one of the best interracial dating sites too! Although you may get messages from members of the same race, it’s very easy to explain why you’re not interested and move on. There are SO many members on Adult Hookup that you’ll have no problem finding exactly who you want! Trust us on this one—there’s a reason we’ve listed it as one of our best interracial dating sites! Try it now!