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If your interracial dating preferences are all about black dating, then should definitely be at the top of your list of sites to check out! If you’re only into asians or hispanics or whites or any other race but black, then we think it goes without saying that this site is not for you (try InterracialMatch or AdultHookup for interracial dating of all kinds!). - #1 Black Dating Site

 is a self-titled “ebony dating hookups” site that boasts that its members are “always black, always bad, always beautiful.” Our guess is that they made this little slogan out of a fondness for alliteration over anything else, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

The BlackCrush homepage proves that this site isn’t kidding around. It’s all about sex first, and more specifically, sex with black women. We’ve censored the image above to keep our website work-friendly, but all it takes is one quick visit to to see 100% REAL nude photos of black women. The photos they use on their homepage are the real deal—we took time to double check once we were members on the site. This is not a site for long-term interracial dating or finding your soul-mate, so don’t sign up looking to find a black wife. The women on Black Crush are horny, eager, and ready to hook up. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, Black Crush is perfect for you! How Does It Work?

BlackCrush guarantees black interracial hookups by maintaining a large membership of horny black women. Those women want to have sex with people who aren’t black, and the other members are people like you: people who want to have sex with black women. Everybody wins!

The site itself is simple: you join up (easy, peasy—all you need is a username, password, and email address) and get 100% FREE access to the site. Once you are in, it’s simply a matter of browsing the local profiles from your area and messaging the women you want to have sex with! Once you connect with someone who’s interested, all you need to do is make plans to meet up—your place, her place, or somewhere more adventurous… it’s up to you!

Check out our “Succcessful Tactics” below to learn how we maximized our success on Successful Tactics

Honestly, it is not hard to be successful on The site is just honestly that full of horny women ready to hook up!

  1. Be Online. Alot. We found that the women who use BlackCrush are looking to hookup NOW. If you aren’t online to answer their messages right away, they will move on to their second choice.
  2. Say Yes. If you’re looking for local sex with black women, it’s as simple as saying “yes”. We received an abundance of messages from local women looking to hook up. Many offered sex right away! All we had to do was say “YES!”
  3. Contact Members When They Are Online. If you’re being a bit more picky and looking at a particular lady for a hookup, it’s on you to send the message if she hasn’t contacted you already. Check her account to see if she’s online now. If she is, send a message! If she’s not online now, check what time she logged in last. If she was last online the night before at 7PM, chances are she’ll be on around the same time tonight! Log on several times throughout the day and don’t send your message until she is online. Newest messages show up in inboxes first, so if you send it while she’s offline, it will likely be buried in messages from other users by the time she checks.

The above tactics were used by us when we signed up for our accounts with BlackCrush. Here are the average numbers for our three accounts on the site, over 60 days:

  • Messages Sent: approx. 5 per day
  • Messages Received: approx. 25 per day
  • Requests To Hook Up Received: approx. 10 per day
  • Meetings Arranged: 50
  • Successful Hookups: 45

Listen: these are all serious, 100% real results that we experienced while using Black Crush. Normally, we don’t even include a “Requests To Hook Up Received” section because, honestly, it almost never happens without a little bit of back and forth messaging first. So, what these results are saying is that we received approximately 25 messages per day. Of those 25 message, approximately 10 messages per day were offering sex immediately. There was no “Hey, how are you?” No, “What are you up to?” Just girls looking to hook up as soon as possible. Like we said before, the girls on BlackCrush are SERIOUS about sex.

In total, between sending messages, answering messages we received, and saying “yes” to several of the requests to hook up, we arranged 50 meet ups. A few of these fell through simply because we made plans, but then the women found someone closer, or who could get to them faster (we told you—you gotta act fast!), but overall we each had an average of 45 successful hookups in two months. Features

BlackCrush is free to join, but there isn’t a lot you can do with just a free account. It’s good for checking out local member profiles on the site, but without upgrading you can’t make any real connections. As we will discuss in the next section, the price of upgrading truly isn’t that much and is a great value when the sex with black women is guaranteed. Below you will find the features that are available to each membership level


  • can create a profile that can be viewed by other Black Crush members
  • can access all Black Crush member profiles
  • can browse local Black Crush member profiles


  • all features listed above
  • can upload photos and videos that can be viewed by other Black Crush members
  • can receive messages from Black Crush members
  • can respond to messages from other Black Crush members
  • can search Black Crush members by gender, age range, and location


  • all features listed above
  • can send messages to all Black Crush members
  • can perform an advanced search of Black Crush members by gender, age range, location, body type, height, weight, and keywords (helpful for finding black women who are into specific things, like threesomes or foot fetishes)
  • can access’s discussion boards and chat rooms Pricing is 100% FREE to join and gain access to, but in order to use most of the site’s main features you will need to upgrade to either a BASIC or GOLD membership. Here are the prices for each:


  • 1 month membership: $29.95/month
  • 3 day trial: $8.90


  • 3 month membership: $49.90 ($16.63/per month)
  • 6 month membership $59.95 ($9.99/per month)

Obviously, the 6 month GOLD membership is the best value among the pricing options they have on Black Crush. It may seem expensive up front, but can you really put a price on guaranteed sex? Heck, we have all probably spent more than that on a night out at the bar trying to pick up a sexy black woman to have sex with. As someone who has used the site successfully, let us tell you: it’s totally worth it. Conclusion

As it’s homepage states, is “always black, always bad, and always beautiful.” After using the site ourselves, we can tell you that slogan is 100% true. If you’re looking for black interracial dating and hookups, BlackCrush really is the only choice!