EliteSingles.com Review

EliteSingles.com Review

EliteSingles.com Review

If you are looking for interracial hookups, EliteSingles.com is NOT the site you want to use. This is pretentious, boring, and useless. Read on for more.

elitesingles-homepageFirst of all, all the wording on EliteSingles.com‘s homepage strongly points to it being a site for long term relationships and marriage. If you’re looking for interracial dating hookups (like we are), then stay clear of EliteSingles! They seems to be even more gung-ho about it than other long term dating sites.

If you’re serious about finding lasting love then EliteSingles is the right dating site for you.” “…our members are united by a common goal: finding genuine love and long-term commitment…” “We aid members in their search by matching couples based on compatibility, offering expert, supportive relationship advice, and unlike other dating websites, removing non-active users that do not seem serious about online dating.

Booooorrriiinnng. 1. We aren’t interested in “finding lasting love”. We’re interested in finding hot, sexy, steamy hookups with interracial women. 2. The people on this site sound amazingly dull and not at all like women who are going to meet you in a few hours to get dirty. 3. They will ACTUALLY KICK YOU OFF THE SITE if you aren’t being “serious about online dating.” Ugh, EliteSingles just seems like my aunt trying to set me up with her neighbour who is “a lovely woman.”

And what makes them “elite” anyway? From what we can tell, the only thing that EliteSingles.com mentions is that 67% of their members are University graduates. Not only do we think that no one cares, but also, 67% isn’t even that much more than half of the members. Is it really that impressive?


EliteSingles.com: How Does It Work

To join EliteSingles.com, you need to submit an application and verify that you are who you say you are. The pro of this is that it means you don’t run into scammers or fake profiles, which is a nice change. However, the con of this is that you also have to do it. It is not a quick or easy process, and you need to disclose quite a bit about yourself it also means that you have to disclose a lot about yourself, which is not normally something you need to do when looking for hookups online.

You also need to fill out a huge questionnaire before you can get on the site. Seriously, it’s HUGE. It took us over an hour and we weren’t even looking at the questions. And, somehow, when we were done it told us that our profile was only 35% complete. We honestly didn’t even look into what else they possibly thought we needed to include.

When you finally get your profile up (this takes a few days from when you start), you will be immediately asked to upgrade to a Premium account. You can skip this step (and save your money), but it’s really hard to find the one teeny, tiny “skip” link. Past that you will be shown your matches. And… that’s it. You can’t search for members and you can’t browse profiles—you can only view the matches they give you, and they don’t give you a lot. THIS IS BULLSHIT. Why would you join a dating site where you can only look at 10 people?! I can see 10 people on my walk to work!

Oh, and also, EliteSingles.com only works if you live in one of these locations:


EliteSingles.com: Successful Tactics

You can’t use any kind of tactics at all on EliteSingles.com, since they only allow you to see 10 members at a time. Everything is based off of EliteSingles algorithms or whatever they’re doing. If you don’t like the 10 you’re given then that’s just too bad.

EliteSingles.com: Features

Let’s get one thing straight: no matter which membership you have, you will only ever be shown 10 people by EliteSingles.com. It will be whoever they match you up with, and there’s nothing you can do about it. DO NOT SPEND THE MONEY TO GET A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! It’s not worth it! It’s not even worth it to have the basic membership.

  • create profile
  • view matches
  • 3 wildcard matches per day
  • view all member photos
  • unlimited communications
  • see all profile visitors
  • use the mobile app
  • 20 extra wildcard matches per day
  • view your personality profile
  • read receipts for messages

EliteSingles.com: Pricing

You can see all the EliteSingles.com pricing options here: elitesingles-pricing-cost

EliteSingles.com: Conclusion

EliteSingles.com is one of the most ridiculous sites we have ever seen. You spend three days trying to get on it just to get a grand total of TEN matches which you can’t change or replace. They actually want you to PAY for this, too!! DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE. It’s a waste of time and money and you are almost guaranteed not to find the interracial dating hookups you are looking for. Try InterracialMatch.com or AdultHookup.com instead.