Navigating Interracial Dating Sites When Black, Christian, and Gay

Navigating Interracial Dating Sites When Black, Christian, and Gay

Black dating can be hard. Gay dating can be hard. Christian dating can be hard. But Christian black dating while also gay? It can seem almost impossible. Here’s one man’s story of his trials and tribulations, and how he ultimately navigated the world of interracial dating sites as a black, Christian, gay man.

I Thought I’d Be Alone Forever: Josh’s Story

Dating in real life was a no-go. I’d spent my whole life chasing guys who couldn’t find it in them to love at least one part of me. In the beginning, it was simply because I would go after straight guys. Fair enough… you can’t make someone want to date a different gender. As I got older I also got better at recognizing gay men, and was able to steer clear of the heartbreak of hitting on straight men. This came with new heartbreak, however. Ever time I’ve approached a gay man it’s ended in one of two ways: they are racists, or “not attracted to black men”, or they’re okay with my skin color but refuse a second gay black date once they discover that I am of Christian faith. I get that Christians as a whole have not been the best to gay folks, but being gay myself you’d think they’d at least give me a chance. I really thought I’d be alone forever.

I spent about a year being completely single. I didn’t even attempt to ask anyone on a date. I just thought there was no point. I thought I’d never be free gay black dating curse! During this time though, internet dating was becoming more popular, and more varied too. I decided to check out if there were maybe some free gay black dating sites for Christians out there. There were a few, but none that were real. They said they were interracial and full of Christians, but then I’d sign up and do a search and find NO ONE like that in my area. I almost gave up again, but I finally said enough was enough and opted to use a paid gay black dating site that I had seen pop up in many of my online searches for Christian gay black dating.

Everything changed.

I couldn’t believe how many gay Christian men were in my city, suffering the same problems that I was! White men, asian men, black men—every race is represented and desired by other men of every race. There is a whole search dedicated to religion—whether you want someone of the same religion, or you just don’t mind that your partner is of a particular religion. It makes dating EASY, which is something I never thought I would say. Not only that, but everyone on this site is very understanding and open-minded. Not everyone is looking to settle down, and that’s okay! I love just hooking up with amazing men for sex while I was wait to find Mr. Right. I can’t explain how life-changing this is. Don’t waste your life like I did. Join this site now and you’ll see what you’ve been missing!

The Best Christian Gay Black Dating Site: How Josh Finds Love (And Lust)

Finding such a specific connect in real life can literally be impossible in some places. Don’t fall into the same heartbreaking tangles that Josh did—follow his lead and find your love, you lust, and your solution to Christian black gay dating by joining one the best gay black dating site.