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We can’t believe how bad really is. Not only is it a bad adult dating site in general, but also is a sham, a scam, and an all-around fake. If you’re looking for real interracial dating, this is not the site for you. Read on.
interracialdating-scam and Seem like the same site to us.

Let’s just start here: right off the bat you can see that‘s homepage is the exact same as Just look above! It doesn’t end there, either. The entire site is exactly the same, including the members! The only thing that is different is the name. They even use the same logo!! We still had our account from when we tested out and we confirmed that we could find the exact same members on both sites. There was no point in joining and there’s even less point in joining You really don’t need to read any further in this review—the bottom like is this: is a SCAM. DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE. How Does It Work?

There’s a big difference in how works for members and how works for, if you know what we’re saying. For members, is exactly the same as filled with dead accounts, fake profiles and scammers. must know this, which is why they created an identical site. And who knows, they may have even more sites exactly like this! Our best guess is that they know their site sucks, but they are hoping that very dumb people will pay for memberships on both accounts, giving them double the money. They are clearly sneaky scammers who don’t care about helping you find interracial dating. We’re now more sure than ever that their “Success Stories” section is ALL LIES. Successful Tactics

Honestly, don’t even bother trying to use any tactics of any kind on this site. is a JOKE and you aren’t going to find anyone for interracial dating here. We tried a number of tactics when we tested out and none of them worked. And trust us, they work when you are on sites with real, legit members, but there’s nothing you can do when you only have dead accounts, fake profiles, and scammers to work with. There’s just no interracial dating to be found with that combination! Seriously—NO ONE is using this site, and you should not either. Features

We’re pretty sure at this point that is just trying to lure you into giving them your credit card information. Even if any of these features actually work, it doesn’t matter because as we’ve already said, the only people on are fakes and scammers. But, just so fair is fair, here are the features that CLAIMS to have (since we didn’t upgrade our account we cannot confirm):
  • connected with people YOU are interested in
  • send and receive unlimited emails
  • get First Pick of the new members
  • see who Viewed you
  • advanced privacy settings
  • anonymous voice chat
  • live instant messaging
  • one-to-one webcam chat
  • unlimited chatroom minutes
  • create private chatroom
  • friendly phone support
  • priority photo / profile reviews
  • discover who Favorited you Pricinginterracialdating-pricing-cost

Pricing for is not cheap, and it’s even worse when you think about the fact that you are literally getting NOTHING back in return. Prices to Upgrade:
  • a one month subscription: $19.95
  • a three month subscription: $39.50
  • a six month subscription: $69.95
We’re only including this information to be fair, but we HIGHLY recommend that you DO NOT GIVE THIS SITE YOUR MONEY. Conclusion

DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE. is a SCAM. They have made at least two identical sites that only exist to try to take your money. We haven’t found any accounts of anyone succeeding on this site except for the fake “success stories” they have clearly written themselves. We’ve reviewed a number of great interracial dating sites on InterracialDatingFun, but is NOT one of them. Don’t spend another second thinking about!! If you want to check out a real, great interracial dating site, try or We tested those sites and LOVED them.