InterracialMatch Review

InterracialMatch Review Review

After conducting our own research, we find that is the perfect site for interracial dating. Learn more and find out how you can get the best interracial match here in this review. - the BEST interracial dating site! has been around for over 14 years and has spent that time becoming one of the best interracial dating sites online. On their homepage they claim to be “the world’s first, largest, and most comprehensive interracial dating site” and from our experience on the site, we’re inclined to believe them on all counts!

Interracial Match is truly one of the happiest surprises we’ve had while doing our interracial dating site reviews. Interracial Match is 100% legit, although as you can see, their homepage leaves a lot to be desired. Often, when we see a cheaply-made, aesthetically-unpleasing, outdated site design like this, we assume it was just one of many short cuts a scam site took in order to come into existence quicker. However, this is not the case with Our best guess is that they designed the site when they first started—remember, it was 14 years ago!!—and have never felt the need to update it, since their reputation was good enough on its own to keep bringing in new members. The bottom line is this: WORKS. The homepage may not jump out and scream “WE ARE AMAZING AND CAN FIND YOU INTERRACIAL DATING AND SEX SUPER FAST AND EASY”, but we promise you it’s 100% truthfully whispering that from just beyond the sign up page. How Does It Work? - #1 best interracial dating site.

Just as the handy graphic above shows, InterracialMatch follows a pretty standard interracial dating site format. From the homepage, you can fill out InterracialMatch’s “Quick Search” which will bring you to a 100% FREE join page. Signing up with is super easy and fast! All you need to join is fill out your name, age, gender, ethnicity, relationship status, height, and location, and what/who you are looking for. That’s it! Once you’ve filled out that information you get full, FREE access to the site.

Once logged in, you will be able to browse and search members of and look at their profiles and photos. You will find thousands of people of all races in your area to meet up with, as well as people around the world you can connect with online! Before you get to ahead of yourself though, you’ll want to create your profile. The basics were filled in when you joined, but there are a lot more sections you can edit. You can—and should—also upload photos to your profile. How much more of the InterracialMatch features you can access depends on your membership level. Check the “ Features” section to see a full run-down of what is available to each membership level.

Once you start chatting with other members, you can make plans to meet up in person for awesome, sexy, hot, interracial dating and sex! It’s that easy! Check out our “Succcessful Tactics” in the next section for the most success. Successful Tactics

It’s important to keep in mind that just because an interracial dating site is full of local interracial members and has a great reputation, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put a little bit of effort in in order to find your interracial matches. It does, however, mean that you can find interracial dating and sex success much easier than on a lot of interracial dating sites out there. Follow these four tips for interracial dating success on InterracialMatch:

  1. Fill Out Your Profile Fully And Honestly. If the site doesn’t know what and who you want to hookup with, it won’t be able to properly give you matches. Don’t feel the need to lie about who you are and what you like: there are members of every gender, age, race, ethnicity, and sexuality that are into every kind of person and every kind of sex under the sun. There are people who want you exactly as you are on
  2. Upload a GOOD Profile Photo. This means: a clear, well-lit photo of just you with your face included. No blurry camera phone selfies. No dark photos in front of a dirty bathroom mirror. No photos with someone else, or with a group. And most importantly: no dick pics. Trust us: interracial daters want some mystery, and they want someone who knows the difference between a good photo and a garbage one. This might be the most important tip.
  3. Send Lots Of Messages And Reply To All The Ones You Get. Interracial dating online is a numbers game. Send messages to anyone who you would be interested in dating or hooking up with! It doesn’t hurt to try, and the more people you message, the better your chances are of hooking up! If you receive messages from other Interracial Match members, message them back! They may not seem exactly like your type right off the bat, but hey, if they are initiating the messages then that means they’re interested in hooking up with you! You’d be surprised how many people you might hit it off with if you give it a chance.
  4. Use The Site Features To Have Sexy Online Fun. When you’re not busy hooking up offline, there is tons of fun to be had on Interracial Match. Make use of’s discussion boards, chat rooms, and forums to chat with people around the world who are interested in the same things as you. You could be having a sexy video chat in no time!
These are the tactics we used when we tested out and we can attest to their success! For the three months that we tested the site, here were our average findings between all our accounts:
  • Messages Sent: approx. 10 per day
  • Messages Received: approx. 20 per day
  • Meetings Arranged: 80
  • Successful Dates: 49
  • Successful Hookups: 38
That’s right—38 sexy interracial hookups with different local women in just a couple months! Keep in mind that these numbers were achieved on a Gold membership accounts, but it’s not impossible on a free account! Features

As we will discuss in the next section of this InterracialMatch review, there are two levels of membership: Free, and Gold. Below are the features that are available to each: FREE MEMBERSHIP:
  • can access all member profiles on
  • can verify your information and become a “verified member”
  • can create a profile that can be viewed by other Interracial Match members
  • can upload photos that can be viewed by other Interracial Match members
  • can search Interracial Match members by gender, age range, and region
  • can access’s blogs and forums, where you can ask questions, start discussions, or join in on threads that have already been started
  • can send “winks” and e-greeting cards
  • can respond to messages from other Interracial Match members
  • all features listed above
  • have your profile appear at the TOP of other members’ searches
  • can advanced search Interracial Match members by gender, age range, region as well as by ethnicity, zip/postal code, and keywords
  • can see which Interracial Match members have looked at your profile
  • can see new members, verified members, and recommended members
  • can see when a member last logged in
  • can initiate contact with any and all Interracial Match members
  • can access’s full interracial videos collection Pricing

As we’ve already mentioned, you can join and use 100% FREE! Upgrading to a GOLD membership is totally optional, but if you choose to update, here are the prices you are looking at:
  • 6 month membership: $19.95/month
  • 3 month membership: $24.95/month
  • 1 month membership: $1.20/day
The best deal is definitely the 6 month membership, as you can see. Some may feel like it’s too big of a commitment to start with, but trust us… you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t. After just a day on Interracial Match you’ll be hooked, and you’ll be glad you have the longest membership possible! Conclusion

If you’re looking for an interracial connection—whether it be dating, casual sex, or a one night stand— delivers! You don’t even have to take our word for it—there is an entire section of InterracialMatch dedicated to success stories from REAL members! Check out InterracialMatch today and get the interracial dating of your dreams!