Review Review Review barely makes a good adult dating site as it is, but it makes an even worse interracial dating site. We’ll tell you why right here in our review.

Whole lotta white people…

We get it, you’re trying to find us a wife. Jeez, man. We were just looking for some casual flings with interracial hotties and maybe a one night stand… or five. is NOT the site to join if you’re looking for anything casual, laid back, or one time. This site is full of women who are looking for husbands, and they are looking for them NOW. Oh, and also… this is a general dating site and not an interracial dating site. So, not only are you not finding women who are looking for casual dating and no strings attached sex, but you are also not finding women who are looking for interracial connections. really is lose-lose for everyone. How Does It Work?

Before you can do anything on, you are forced to answer what seems like an endless chain of questions in order to get your profile up to‘s insane standards. You’ll end up answering questions about things you may prefer to keep secret, like your occupation, income,  and education, along with just dumb things that no one needs to know, like what the last thing you read was and what community groups you are apart of. If you’re like us, you’ll end up just making stuff up to make it less boring of a task.

Once you’ve got past all that, it’s online dating just like normal. You can check your matches or browse for local members yourself. We never found a single match while on, but they have messaging and chat just like other sites, so if you did find a match you would simply make plans to meet up. Successful Tips

We guess the best thing you can do to find interracial hookups on would be to be upfront about it in your profile so that other members know what you’re looking for right away. Unfortunately, when you’re on a site that focused mostly on same-race, long-term dating, most members will end up passing you by. During our time on we couldn’t find one other member that shared our desires for interracial hookups. Features

There are different features on depending on what membership you have: basic, or subscribed. Here are the differences, according to‘s website:


  • free
  • search for matches
  • create a profile and appear in search results
  • post a photo
  • send winks
  • general mobile access
  • receive text alerts for winks and emails


  • all features of BASIC mebers
  • received SingledOut matches
  • one click search type
  • see who’s viewed you
  • remove members from view
  • read & reply to emails on mobile
  • respond to email messages
  • send & receive email messages
  • connect faster with IM
  • priority access to Stir events
  • contact other singles
Just in case you didn’t catch that, lists “contact other singles” under their “Subscribed Members” features, meaning that you cannot contact other singles if you are using their free basic account. If you can’t do the most basic function of an online dating site then WHAT IS THE POINT?! Pricing

You can join for free, but to take full advantage of their features, you will need to upgrade your plan to that of a “subscriber”. Here is what becoming a Subscriber will cost you: BASIC PLANS:
  • $22.99/month for 3 months
  • $19.99/month for 6 months
  • $18.99/month for 12 months
  • $25.99/month for 3 months
  • $22.99/month for 6 months
  • $19.99/month for 12 months


The Basic Plans do not include email read notifications, first impressions, or highlighted profile, as you can see that the Bundle Plans do. Also, you should know that no matter which plan you choose you will be paying a lump sum, not actually a monthly price. This means that if you choose the 12 month bundle plan, you’ll be paying $239.88 right away, not $19.99 once per month. That’s a lot of dough to be shelling out before you even really get a chance to get a feel for the site. It’s not a price we would pay. Conclusion is NOT an interracial dating site. And interracial dating is what we’re all here for, right? If not, you’re on the wrong site. is on the hunt for the best interracial dating sites, not the best sites to find a same-race wife. We found to be a terrible, terrible site. If you’re looking for interracial dating, try or or one of our other top rated reviews.